More than a thousand words

Pictures are messengers – fast, precise and effective

Always assuming that they are well-thought-out, technically well-executed, and checked by a panel, a picture, collage or illustration can communicate faster and clearer than any text information. We have these kinds of specialist in-house, who are in a position to visually condense product statements, so that they can communicate at international level – all without words.

Composing pictures

How does a head swing ...

... and how do you convey that a cleaning product is not overly harmful on the environment? It is often more difficult than you might think to develop simple pictures. An ability to think abstractly, creativity and, not least, great technical know-how are needed to convey product statements in a clear and aesthetic way.

Character forming

Mum, I want that!

We have worked very hard to achieve this effect. Using a great deal of creativity and persistence, CAN DO can invent an image design and/or mascots for your brands. Take cheeky Karli Kugelblitz, who appears on children’s products, or the fluffy teddy-like creature, who emphasises the advantages of a given toilet paper. The illustrator needs special qualities to do this – finely honed artistic skills, along with a healthy dose of humour and anarchy.

Classic illustrations

With heart and hand

In a design world dominated by digital media, sometimes skills for good illustrative quality lag behind. However, the ability to see things consciously and turn them into drawings is now more valid than ever before. It is the basis for successful, digital implementation at the computer, and ensures quality that is far removed from the generic, run-of-the-mill look.