A stable basis

Good design is no accident

No matter what the assignment is, every design process starts off with in-depth research, and the creation of complex structures. We examine existing products and services, check out the competition and, hand in hand with you, we develop the best communication for your needs.

Finding the name

That sounds good

Brand names turn products into personalities, and give them a profile. They convey values and messages, and influence consumers in their decision-making.

CAN DO Design gives your products an identity and individuality, so that your product can assert itself in the market in the long term. The combination of sound, meaning, and style elements gives the consumer the pleasant feeling of having chosen exactly the right product.

Range cluster, differentiating products, colour assortment

We show the difference

A well-thought-out design concept provides orientation, allocates items to themes, and makes it easier for the consumer to differentiate between the individual products. This makes decision-making at the POS easier and faster. This is an important factor when it comes to repeat purchases, and is thus a permanent customer loyalty tool.

Graphic pegs

All the same, but still completely different

All the products of a brand should appear together, but the individual theme groups in large ranges, and the features of the individual items should always remain clearly distinguishable. This can only be achieved by means of an intelligent design structure that encourages the logical inclusion of design attributes.

We find and shape the graphic pegs that pin the individual products together into a single whole, yet still give the individual product sufficient space to stand out by itself.